Bambi & Gilly

Bambi and Gilly started Notten’s in 1986. It was always a dream of theirs to live in the bush and run a game lodge. It has been an amazing adventure together which they still enjoy today, 24 years.

Dave & Mia

Dave also grew up in the bush and after many years of traveling and living Denmark he returned to South Africa and has now joined the business as Operational Director. He and his wife Mia and their 4 children, Patricia, Matilda, Rex & Mavrick live at Notten’s and enjoy a life in the African Bush.


Dale worked at Notten’s in early 90′s as a game ranger. He left for many years and returned to his passion of being in the bush and is now Notten’s Operations Manager. He has a home nearby in Hoetspruit where his wife Nicky and his 2 kids, James & Katelyn live and go to school.

Name : Joseph Mathebula
Job : Head Ranger
Started : 1984
Children : 3
Birthday : 04 December
Interests : Soccer & Rugby, Bird watching, Animals
Quote : “I’m as strong as a buffalo”

Joe was the first person to join the Notten’s team in 1986. His parents use to look after the lodge before it was commercial. His father was a very knowledgeable bush person and had a wealth of information about medicinal properties of plants. Joe has a natural affinity for the bush and is one the best trackers in South Africa. He is now Notten’s head ranger and has a wealth of experience and some incredible stories to share. He has become a legend of the area.

Henry Mnisi
Head chef
Started : 1988
Children: 4
Birthday: 03 March
Interests: Soccer, Cooking ,gardening,animals & rugby
Quote: i’m always talking to my plants”

Henry started at Notten’s as one of the ground staff in 1988. A few months later Gilly Notten noticed that he would make a good assistant in the kitchen. She personally trained him and he also received training from several other professional chefs. He showed a natural flare and passion for cooking and has now been Notten’s head chef for 20 years. Many of the recipes are some of his own inventions and he still serves some of the originals that Gilly taught him in the early years – like the famous cheese muffins.


Thomas Mavundla
Started : 1986
Children : 1
Birthday : 28 January
Interests : Soccer,birds,animals bones & history
Quote : ” Shequembe is watching over us”

Tom arrived at Notten’s as a young boy from Mozambique with great enthusiasm and a unique sense of humour. To get to South Africa he had to walk through the Kruger National Park for 5 days & nights which was extremely dangerous. He was caught by the police and even though he had the rights to be in South Africa because his father was a South African, he was sent back to Mozambique and had to walk back again to get to Notten’s. Tom is now a ranger and one of our most valued members always keeping a smile on our faces.

Mavis Tshhabangu
Chef & Massage Therapist
Started : 1992
Children : 2
Birthday : 03 March
Interests : Animals ,Cooking ,Children, Church
Quote : “I’m so happy”


Tinyiko Agric Mkhabela
Front of House
Started : 1999
Children : 3
Birthday : 10 April
Interests : Nature / Wildlife, God, Education, Sports
Quote : Gently, gently catch a monkey.
I always want to make my dreams comes true.
Love keeping my life simple, gentle and easy.
Love all things God created.

Sherine & Chase
Interests : Nature & Wildlife
Started at Notten’s : 2009
We met on a rangers training course and we both have a passion for the bush.
Thomas Sibuyi
Thomas Sibuyi
Started : 1995
Children : 2
Birthday : 10 May
Interests : Soccer , Reading books
Gift Mnisi
Front of House
Started : 2002
Children : 1
Birthday : 09 April
Interests : Singing ,Sewing Going to Church
Quote : Never live your life by chance, always live your life by…
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