Morning game drive

Experience a day at Notten's

Your early morning wake up call is to be cherished as there is no better time of day than a beautiful fresh start with the rising sun, while you are surrounded by bird songs and calls of the wild. Your game drive safari sets off in an open-top Landcruiser guided by an experienced and knowledgeable game ranger and his tracker.

Flap-necked Chameleon.
Chameleons’ conical eyes have fused eyelids, leaving just a pinhole through which to see. They revolve independently, allowing the chameleon a 360 arc of vision. The eyes possess stereoscopic depth perception for an accurate strike.
Bush walk

The bush walk is conducted following your hearty breakfast and is not essentially a game viewing experience but rather a guided walk amongst the tranquil setting of bushes and trees, taking a route along sand roads and game trails. Walkers have the pleasure of learning about the finer details that make up their surroundings, while participating in analyzing wildlife tracks, identifying birds and bird sounds. You will also identify trees, bushes, plants and seed pods and any traditional bush craft and medicinal uses that apply. While you enjoy the walk at a leisurely pace, you will always have playing out in the back of your mind, the thrill of knowing you are walking in Big 5 wilderness.

Nottens spa

Massage Therapy is a wonderful way to indulge yourself and rejuvenate your body and soul. Our Spa is located in the camp, next to the pool. We have two massage rooms available and an outdoor area which is fantastic on a hot day.

Afternoon game drive

The afternoon game drive is at days end and coincides with grazers, after lying low in the heat of the day, they come out from the thickets to feed. In the midst of the African bush, sundowner drinks will be served with the setting sun and in conclusion, a night drive is conducted with a spotlight and while predators emerge to begin their patrols, we also search for the elusive creatures of the dark.